The main objective of Human Resources is to create value by working with our Department. 

Enabling the most talented people in the development and confer within our organization for a successful HR department, our company gives importance to developing leaders from within and invest for it. The main role of the department is listening, learning, sharing and creating an organization that is teaching.

Pamukçu Group, according to the corporate culture, vision and sharing the excitement, to obtain the dynamic teammates and determined to make long-term cooperation with its existing human resources profile in the "entrepreneurship, customer focus, creativity", "Industry knowledge and experience," "Learning to openness, acquiring self-sustained development of the principle of "the quality characteristics brought forward are focused on four main disciplines.

The right to work, identified the right person
Success-scale performance management
Maintain the balance between the needs of employees with business objectives
Full information based on open and effective form of communication
We expect our candidates in the recruitment process within the framework of this interdisciplinary core competencies are:

• Teamwork
• Contact
• Co-development
• Results-oriented
• Creativity and entrepreneurship
• Self-development and co-workers
• Customer awareness.