ÜMİT PAMUKÇU; National Chain Stores Sales and Marketing at Unilever made its management. Subsequently the 2003-2009 year between Çukurova Holding, CTL Technology Products Trading monthly average of 20 million euros Sales Inc. dealers secured for many years and realized the risk management. In the construction sector depends on Sinpaş Group; Sinpaş REIT Sinpaş Construction Project in Turkey and across the Sinpaş home by providing Home Sales Coordination Strategic Marketing found the chance to make a versatile career.


In company he served between 1999-2015 years, respectively;
Between 2001-2002 he took the first and best sales coach of the year award at Unilever 'in sales in the food category' in Turkey.

Between the years 2003-2009 in the GSM sector Cukurova Holding; CTL Technology Products Trade. Inc. At Regional stake to 14% from the rate of 1.9%, the current number of dealers in enlarging the region increased 320%, and between 2003-2008 in 10 Regions annual sales realized rate by signing a 5-year uninterrupted Turkey first, he received 'Outstanding Leaders' Award.

Sinpaş group subsidiary, AKASYA Acibadem 876 housing, Lagoon 515 Villa Bosphorus and Istanbul Palaces 3,996 residential, Aqua City 2010 1118 housing, the KELEBEKIA and the KELEBEKIA PREMIUM 645 housing Ottomare 355 housing, Bursa Modern and Jasmine Park 3142, including housing;
Sinpaş planned sales operations of 10 647 houses project total in the project, he developed and directed by the Sales Model Home Sales Through providing 190% increase compared to the previous year, achieved a 280% growth in profitability.
Between the years 2012-2015 can not be held on the company reached sales volume and profitability.

Between the years 01.01.2012- 01.02.2015, 'Sinpaş Projects Sales Director and Executive Board Member of Turkey' at Sinpaş Group & Urban Services Inc.

03.01.2015 Pamukçu the Group's Subsidiary Companies; 'Pamukçuoğlu Building, PAMUK Building, SEEWorld Real Estate Project Portfolio Management, Seeworld Turkey, UM&PA Architectural Design' 'Management of the company Board Member serves and served as General Manager.

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