PAMUKCUGRUP, has over 50 years commercial experience of their activities; tourism, automotive, household appliances, gas and construction sector. Associates and family members who belong to "Pamukçuoğlu Construction" and "PAMUK CONSTRUCTION" Our firm, continues to produce professional business activities in Mersin, Izmir and Istanbul with the "Boutique Construction Projects"


PAMUKÇUGROUP subsidiary of the family members 'PAMUKÇUOĞLU CONSTRUCTION and PAMUK STRUCTURE' our companies, international quality standards, taking into account all the privileges that may be required for the comfort of the end-user, generates appropriate housing projects and the latest technology.

PAMUKÇUGROUP Our brand 'SEEWORLD Real Estate Project Portfolio Management' PAMUKÇUGROUP Associate 'PAMUKÇUOĞLU" and continue their "PAMUK CONSTRUCTION" Residential Sales and Marketing activities of our company.

Also in the area of ​​the country Construction Project Portfolio Management, Sales & Marketing activities valley home sales contract or 2nd hand After completion of the project is to provide a reliable institutional and in implementation.

'SEEWORLD Turkey' Our Brand as a Corporate Sales & Marketing activities for the execution of construction projects across the country to investors 'Franchise' offers as the expansion of the professional services provided through the network.

PAMUKÇU GROUP Our brand 'UM & P Architectural Design' in the customers with expert staff, utilizing the highest level of technology flawless craftsmanship, modern and exclusive Interior Design and decoration service.

SEA & WORLD After Sales Services Department at the Ministry of Land Registry system Property Sale & Purchase transactions of our customers sales process by completing a corporate form provides every comfort. Experts in the field and also our professional investment advisor carries out customer-oriented real estate investment planning activities.

Negotiated Bank Branches through appropriate lending rates and flexible payment plans analyzes are performed customer-oriented "Mortgage Credit Counseling 'services are offered.

Feasibility Projects and Investments, the discovery and proposal work, Studies Target Audience Analysis, Usage Analysis, Pricing Strategies, project development, services are provided under the brand name of Seeworld parity when the snow field.

SEA & WORLD Urban Renewal In addition, Investment and Reconciliation Management, Retail Consulting and Unique Building Renewal Application, Multi-Property / Site Restoration, Site Management serves institutional services and applications in the areas of the expert team.

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